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wholesome - well balanced - pet approved!

Homemade Cooking Catering to your pet’s palate and nutritional needs
Specially crafted meals using fresh, natural and seasonal ingredients

All Recipes use AAFCO Guidelines

Menu….. doggie stuff

    Beef or Turkey Casserole $7 pint

    Made w/brown rice, carrots and broccoli and home made stock

    Beef, Lamb or Poultry Meatballs or Loaf $7 pint/ $9 lamb

    Any combination

    Made w/ oats, cheese, and veggies

    Home cooked light gravy

    Meat or Poultry Stew $7 pint

    Fresh stock, beans and veggies

    Liver and Bacon Dinner $7 pint

    Made w/ oats and veggies

    Arroz con Pollo $7 pint

    Made w/ brown rice, sweet potato and fresh veggies

    Fresh Fish Stew $9 pint

    Local and cold water fish with omega 3’s

    Made w/ home made stock, sweet potato and veg

Menu… kitty stuff


Fish stew.. $5.50 for 10 ounces

Made with natural or wild salmon, scallops, brown rice and veggies

Kitty sized cheese burgers $4.50 for 10 ounces

Natural beef, cheese, carrots

Chicken or Turkey Django dinner $4.50 for 10 ounces

With brown rice, and veggies, and a little liver

This meal is great for healthy cats and diabetics

Fish balls $5.50 for 10 ounces

Local and cold water fish for omega 3’s

With oats and veggies

Saucy homemade stock


*Special diets available

All meals are made from all natural human grade foods

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